Monday, April 5, 2010

Don't make bets with the devil...

And don't hunt Easter eggs with ADHDers.

Three children on a porch, ready to HUNT FOR EASTER EGGS.

Their ADHD father, earnestly attempting some kind of equitable approach, and knowing his children well, says " two, because you are bigger, you need to give your little brother a head start".

The two older, decidedly ADHD kids say "OK!" and then run ahead of their little brother, grabbing eggs as fast as they can. Their father, not thrilled with this outcome, reins them back in and tries again...and fails...again. A third attempt yields similar results...only this time, the older kids at least hesitate for a moment...but look like they might explode. Eyes bulge...but they can't contain themselves for long and run into the backyard grabbing eggs as though they have each grown four more arms...

The little one, watches them, smiling.

We're all lucky he still has a sense of humor.

Sonny Rollins says "JUST GRAB THE EGGS, KID! QUICK!". And the little one rolls his way toward an egg, points to it, says "Daddy! Look, I found an egg!". and just smiles at it. Ahh, how nice to enjoy the journey, little one...quit smellin' the damn roses and grab some eggs!

Interestingly though...I recount this tale, not because of the stereotypical ADHD-ness of the older ones...but because of the little one's caution and take-timeyness.

When I was little, I was much more like the little one :) It used to take me HOURS to open birthday and Christmas gifts. I had to unwrap each one carefully, so as not to rip the kinda drove my family nuts. To this day I have to really think to make myself NOT do that...and I like to fold the paper.

So much for stereotypes.

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