Sunday, April 25, 2010

After everything I've been through this past year...

...the last thing I needed was to have someone douchily point out that I generally have a large amount of "stuff" in the back seat of my car.

The source and the circumstances don't matter.

But I will say this...I find, over and over and over, that the people who bother to spend their time in my life making such comments, are generally pretty insecure. Insecure, and stunted in their own attempts at feeling "good" about themselves.

This isn't me being defensive...this is me having come out of the other side of my ADHD-journey of the past year knowing that clean cars don't get you into heaven.

And if this douchebag must know...that stuff in the back seat of my car was a bunch of fabric that I'm moving to my sewing studio, so that all of my sewing stuff, finally, will be in one place. Wait...that doesn't sound like an "irresponsible and out of control ADHDer!". That sounds like someone who, for the past year-plus has been working to organize and consolidate their lives to allow them to be more effective and relaxed., to the mystery douche who made that comment?

Fuck you. I really wish I had something more articulate or witty to say about it but I don't.

Fuck. You. Douche.


  1. Some people can only feel good by crushing other people - literally or metaphorically.

  2. Awesome post. That put a huge smile on my face. :-)

  3. Happy to put a smile on a face ;)

  4. "clean cars don't get you into heaven."

    I am SO relieved to hear this!

    And I'm going to tell my husband, who has ADHD, about it! He's always casting aspersions at the stuff in my car and comparing it to h is pristine interior.

    Of course, I always point out that I use my car to run most of our errands involving groceries (and use recycled bags each time), house repairs, and yardwork (including hauling bags of manure),

    My car also stores our hats and water bottles for hiking (because we always take my car), And I cart around support materials for Adult ADHD discussion groups because there's no other place to store it.

    All this usually shuts him up pretty quickly. In fact, these days I only have to raise an eyebrow when he raises an eyebrow. :-)

    But I'm still relieved about the heaven part.

  5. Well, heaven we do not need to worry about but the "cool people have clean cars club" is one that we may find ourselves excluded from... :)