Friday, February 12, 2010

Recession's true victims: ADHDers...

Nod to Jeff for reminding me of this accidentally with his post today...

Please know that the title of this is a joke. But it is true that the recession has changed my life in a way. I have always been a reliable, hard-working employee. However, because of my willingness to be, mmm, shall we shall mobile, I rarely have stayed at a job for more than 2 years. I call it one part young adult self-discovery, two parts ADHD. And maybe another part I'm damned smart and it's hard to find jobs that engage my mind long-term.

But last year, when I found myself in need of a part time job...having left a full time job...thanks to the recession, there were NO jobs available.

In my entire 20 year working life (since age 15) I have never not been able to find employment.

I am actually working part time now, at the full time job I'd left. I still needed work, and they still needed's not an easy position to fill, for various reasons. And so I'm back. But that's not always easy for me. My novelty seeking-mind goes a little stir-crazy sometimes.

And along with the recession, treatment has also caused me nothing but problems. The office is so organized on a regular basis not that it...well, it makes me uncomfortable quite frankly. It stresses me out way more than the chaos did...I think...? I'm forced to deal with things in far more detail and meticulousness than is probably even necessary. We have the closed files catalogued within an inch of their lives. There's no fires to put out. Cases are just ticking along as they shoudl. I'm not wishing for things to be "bad" or to go all nuts. And I don't want to create chaos. In fact I seem to be seeking order...but it doesn't feel natural. I'm good at fixing things in a crisis and um...there's no crisis...and so I'm finding that I'm good at doing stuff when there's no crisis...I just have to work WAY harder to motivate myself.

I'd rather be sticking my face in a box of Twinkie's right now and watching The Girls Next Door, than attending to my itty bitty pile of work.

I'm looking forward to juggling the wee ones with ADHD boy this evening. Children guarantee surprises :) And I baked cookies. With pink and yellow frosting and sprinkles.

So there you have it...the recession has forced me to deal with life the way other people live it. Work seems routine. Kids are fun. And I'm baking cookies.

Wow. Just wow.


  1. Like you...I've managed to survive this economic downturn but any ADDer who does so is, statistically, an outlier and not part of the general trend.

  2. Mmmm....and on that light and happy note...haha...