Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I can't believe I forgot that!

Yes, I realize that the title of this blog post answers itself with a: duh, you have ADHD. But I really, REALLY can't believe I forgot this.

I just found my iPod. It's been missing least a year? But that's not the amazing re-discovery (although it was pretty funny that I couldn't find it and the whole time it was in its box). I charged it up and brought it to work and re-discovered that I get TONS of work done while listening to music in headphones.

Damn. It's better than drugs, seriously. Immediate, fast acting, effective. Hot damn.

Back when I worked at my advertising sales job I used to come in every morning, leave the light off, crank the space heater, and then put on my headphones. (And of course, all day long, co-workers would walk in going "Oh, you forgot to turn your light on!" flipping on the frickin' light...but that's another story...).

I would sit there for hours, fulfilling contracts, scheduling inventory, making sales calls...

And here I am again, sitting at my desk at the law office...feeling focused, effective, and DELIGHTED that I accidentally rediscovered the power of music on my ability to focus.


  1. Whenever I need to put "a** in chair" and get work done, out comes my iPod which, for an, is like "electronic" Vyvanse.


  2. TOTALLY! I forgot how good it was...