Monday, August 24, 2009

The Benefits

I have had many jobs where I have been THE perfect person for the job, precisely because I have ADHD.

Really? Really. My ability to go with the flow, ability to multi-task, creative thinking, and boundless energy are perfect for working in a criminal defense law office. Working with the demented elderly. Working in advertising sales. Any job that involves people juggling, and lightning speeds, and I have done these aforementioned jobs and many more.

I am also exceptional as "that employee that is perfect for plugging a hole in whatever pinch you may be presented with, because I have unique skills along with the aforementioned awesome traits". I am always that person. I've made a bit of a career out of that, if nothing else specifically. Beyond being a sign of my ADHD it is also a cultural trait of the family that spawned me. (Chicken...or egg...or ADHD...I think about this often, and wonder if my family could qualify for a group rate for ADHD treatment.)

The malfunction (THE malfunction) reveals itself in my choice of the word "many". Most jobs are boring to me after an extremely short period of time. So I generally have a couple of them at a time, and not for the money...for my sanity. Having two, sometimes three jobs is the precise thing that keeps me interested in any one of them.

Is this good? Is this bad? I don't know. It is simply what I have done. It is how I have learned to "be" in this world. It pays my bills and validates my uniqueness.

I think about this a lot lately because I am examining a lot of choices as a seek to shape a new future for myself. This is something that, at this point...I don't think I would change. These are the conditions under which I thrive...why would I change what is working? It's hard enough work changing what doesn't....

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