Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This stuff just kills me...

I've been a really absent blogger this past month but it's not because of the ADHD, hoho, heehee, it's because I've been busy following through on my myriad of commitments. I'm tired, I'm overworked, I'm OVER it...but there is still satisfaction in following through on your commitments. And while I was unlikely to shirk any of my duties anyway (because one of my ADHD coping mechanisms is obsessive over-responsibility) my therapist kicked my ass over it and darn it...she was right. I created this circus of a life and I need to see my commitments through. So THERE. Take THAT! the midst of this feeling, I pretty much hit my limit with the old, dead, heartbreaking crap that people say about people with ADHD. It's no longer acceptable to make fun of people for a myriad of other disabilities, but ADHDers man, it's open season. In case you're not up to date, we're apparently lazy, narcissistic, mean, disorganized, failures. I'm so glad I get to be reminded every time I read this ignorant crap! I mean gosh, I spend so much of my time working my ass off to make up for the chemical imbalance in my brain, but my life might not be complete without having the outside world reinforce for me that I'm some kind of loser (I sincerely hope you're picking up on my sarcasm here.).

Here's a perfect example. I think it's supposed to be satire, from the Huffington Post...but, well...satire sort of relies on very sharp understanding of the issues you're skewering, and unfortunately the author/blogger clearly doesn't understand ADHD in any meaningful way. And right now I'm in the perfect mood to be annoyed. I'm just not sure if I'm more annoyed by his ignorant stereotypes of people with ADHD or his crappy satire attempt:


Incidentally, I'm just finishing up some of my more taxing commitments for the summer...and will soon be able to peel them away from me, completed.

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