Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Now I know!

Hey's amazing what splitting the dosage on your medication and eating it with a load of food can do. No more nausea! No more anxiety because of the nausea! Now I just get to enjoy the benefits of the drug without the side effects! YEAAAAH!

I'm on such a nice, even, but still fun keel now. I'm less reactive, much calmer, still thinking creative thoughts, just at a slightly slower pace, and I can methodically get through piles of annoying crap now from time to time :) I used to be able to come up with "the plan" for how to get things done, but then had trouble getting them done. Now, I concoct the plan, and then...just DO the plan. Just DO the plan! Ha! I make it sound so easy, but before the medication this was no easy task, because I couldn't shut off anything else that would pop into my head...other things that would derail me...other things that all seemed EQUALLY IMPORTANT (<-----nothing better than ALL CAPS to express the urgency in my ADHD brain). Now, these things pop up and I'm thinking "oh...yeah I should do that at some point...after I'm done doing this thing I'm already doing". I feel a little less productive in the short term, but an starting to see the long term benefits. For example: my piles are just getting smaller overall. And I'm committing to less NEW stuff, so they'll be more likely to stay that way. Because I don't have the urgency to overcommit. I'm still ambitious, but in a more realistic way.

And the new projects that I AM planning? I'm thinking of ways to bring others in to help me get the job done, instead of just doing it all myself. Before it was hard to think of how to delegate the overall task so I saw everything as a one person job, even though I appreciated help when it magically arrived. Now I look at these things and go "holy shit, this isn't a job for one person, it's a job for three, hey YOU, can you help me with this thingy here".


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